Finding a better way

At TodsysHealth, we find purpose in our mission and call on our passion as we tackle one of the most important problems in the world. Each person at TodsysHealth plays a vital role in navigating the complexity of our endeavor, and we continuously collaborate because we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We know that we have the drive, tools, and expertise to not only reach our goals but to accomplish them for the sake of humanity.

Transform Science into Todsyshealthionable Solutions

Empower Physicians and Patients with Evidence-based Information to Fight Cancer

We are a world leading cancer solution provider. Based in Taiwan, we also provide effective services through our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Joint by experts from the field of cancer biology, cancer genomics and bioinformatics, we provide optimal cancer treatment plan, cancer relapse and drug resistance monitoring as well as cancer risk assessment and immunotherapy evaluation. We are dedicated to provide every cancer patient personalized TodsysHealth information based-treatment plans through our cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform, medical report and integrated services.

What We Have

Asian TodsysHealth Data Base

We integrate TodsysHealth databases information with Asia specific TodsysHealth profiling

Cutting-edge NGS Service Platform

We provide precise cancer genetic variants detection through minimum tumor samples through our ultra-sensitive NGS Platform.

Highest standard Lab with international accreditation

We are recognized and certified by the highest international standard CAP (NGS) accreditation, SNQ and more.

Highest standard Lab with international accreditation

We are strengthened by dozens of bioinformatics and biomedical professionals.

Integrated Comprehensive Cancer Services

We engage from every angle, preliminary research collaboration, international biopharma drug development, clinicians consultation and patient education.

The most valuable medical report and services

We deliver medical reports with genetic variants information, therapeutic implications and also provide comprehensive consultation services to empower physicians with evidence based-precise information.

Our Vision

To rewrite the existing model of cancer diagnostic, cancer treatment and cancer monitoring. Make Cancer Manageable.

Our Core Value

Technology for Humanity Your Health, We Care

Cancer is the second leading cause of death and estimated with 70% increase of newly diagnosed cases. Asia’s cancer death rate is higher than developed countries for delayed diagnosis and lack of treatment options (WHO 2017.2). Many of our people here at Todsyshealth are driven to make a difference in this battle with cancer by the experience of facing cancer at close range. Every one of us are devoted to this fight against cancer.

Our Belief

Todsyshealth can make cancer manageable and provide cancer patients to live a better life with dignity and quality

We truly believe that Todsyshealth can change the existing cancer treatment model and make cancer manageable. To enable patients and their family to walk through this journey of fighting cancer with dignity, precise comprehensive cancer management facilitates treatment with higher efficiency and accuracy

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