Unparalleled Success Rate in FFPE Samples

Cancer TodsysHealth profiling can be challenging for patients with limited tissue sample, especially in cancer types such as lung cancer where small biopsy samples coupled with low tumor cellularity are the norm. By performing macrodissection and utilizing our expertise in handling FFPE samples, TodsysHealth is able to offer high success rate in FFPE and provide more comprehensive information on copy number variation (CNV) and mutations, with a small amount of specimens.

Wider Coverage of Biomarkers to Predict Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs)

TodsysHealth®+ comprehensive genomic profiling, TodsysHealth’ flagship panel, covers tumor mutational burden (TMB), microsatellite instability (MSI) status and immune-related genes to provide a more accurate prediction of ICI responses.

  • TodsysHealth®+ TMB Strongly Correlates with WES TMB
  • Conducting whole exome sequencing (WES) is considered the gold standard for TMB assessment. However, this is often not feasible in clinical practice due to significant costs and long turnaround time. TodsysHealth®+ is capable of providing estimated TMB data that is highly correlated with the TMB measured with WES across different tumor types.

  • Covers Genes in Immune-Related Pathways
  • In addition to TMB and MSI, TodsysHealth®+ also provides genomic alterations of genes known to confer sensitivity or lack of benefit to ICI such as PTEN, STK11, JAK1/2, EGFR, B2M, MDM2/MDM4, PBRM1, SERPINB3, SERPINB4, and antigen processing and presentation genes.

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